Category: Cult

Flesh (1968) AKA Andy Warhol’s Flesh

Flesh was filmmaker Paul Morrissey’s first production for Andy Warhol. The story concerns a bisexual hustler who does tricks so that he can pay for his wife’s lover’s abortion. The film made headlines when it was confiscated by the police during one of its earliest showings in 1970. Though this event is unlikely…

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Dorothea’s Rache (1974) AKA Dorothea’s Revenge

Dorothea, a 16-year-old bourgeois girl from Hamburg, plays with her friends of both sexes, imitating the production of adult movies. In the end, pretending to make sex-scenes is not satisfying enough, and with a street professional, Dorothea is initiated in hard sex. Director: Peter Fleischmann. AKA Dorothea’s Revenge. Writer: Peter Fleischmann (story), Jean-Claude…

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