Category: Hungary

Te (1963) AKA You

Fifth short film directed by István Szabó. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won a Special Award. There is practically no argument, because it is nothing more than an act of love for Cecília Esztergályos, who at that time was Szabó’s girlfriend. Director: István Szabó. Writer: István Szabó. Stars:…

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One Day Crossing (2001)

A film of high emotional impact and artistic control, One Day Crossing tells the story of a Jewish woman in Hungary who poses as a Christian to protect her family during the Holocaust. Inspired by director Stein’s own family history and created as her Columbia University graduate thesis project, this short work of…

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Dúvad (1961) AKA The Brute

Ulveczky, the unbridled bull of the village, is incapable of living in the small community like others. He runs his farm and lives his life as a tyrant. His licentious temperament leads him to take whatever he wants, women included, who are swept off their feet. His victims include a beautiful young girl…

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